Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tool 10

Three things students should understand about digital citizenship include knowledge of safety nets and why they are in place, understanding that digital communication should always be appropriate and respectful, and the fact that digital plagiarism is illegal. 
Ed Tech activity-Liked the idea of the Scoring Rubric  for making certain students are clear on rules of digital citizenship with appropriate rules and consequences.
A lesson designed w/examples of plagiarism vs. original work and appropriate commenting would be helpful for modeling  to students. Follow-up classroom discussion/questions would also be elucidating. 
A copy of a student signed contract, specifying acceptable dos/donts  (expectations) and defining consequences  with the above mentioned scoring rubric  attached, will be sent home to parents.  Parents will sign and return the letter (contract) with an invitation to contact teacher with any questions/concerns.

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