Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tool 9

For technology to be meaningful/effective, as with any other  teaching  tool,  the application needs to align with the objective being  taught
Making students accountable for stations/centers encourages ownership for learning and responsibility for devices.
I liked Thinkfinity in combination with  Essay Map for stations in which students move from understanding to critical thinking  and creating a product from information studied.  Accountability includes  multiple choice, written short answer questions, and essay responses
Apps in iPod Touch/Pad that lend themselves to stations include  Daily History, On This Day, and Simple Mind x-Mindmapping.  This can be used to create compare/contrast activities w/ brainstorming as a final product for later class discussion.
Really liked the idea of Awesome Note Lite for use with co-teach students in getting notes for test preparation.  Tools also has the ability to modify  interactive websites for special ed populations.

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  1. I agree with making students accountable. They should be held accountable for a lot more than they have been.