Monday, June 4, 2012

Tool 11

I found  the Thinkfinity and Essay Map tools to be useful in considering setting up an interactive lesson.  As I teach special ed, I think these sites allow for differentiation in structuring lessons to meet most of the student needs. Thinkfinity helps with learning /processing the information necessary for both pre-learning and critical thinking about a given topic.  Essay Map provides a model for students to respond to the assigned topic, again with differentiated level response.
Using many of the applications and much of the technology introduced in 11 tools is transformative in that they can be used to grab student attention, enhance learning, and provide for feedback in creative ways. Use of these tools may even allow for more discussion time because the use of videos, etc.  for introduction of material is quicker and possibly more effective than lecture/notes which can be time-consuming.  Changes will include initial introduction /modeling of tools and planning for access to the tools within the classroom.
An unexpected outcome of the 11 tools program is the variety of tools that can be accessed for classroom learning.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing your 11 Tools. Wish I was as dedicated as you have been. Now you can enjoy your summer without anything hanging over your head.